Beyond the face


I realize, after drawing portraits for decades, that the primary reason I draw is to develop the ability to connect to people on a deeper level.

As I study the faces of my subjects, for hours on end, I can read into expressions and feel moods. Sometimes I even experience struggle. It tells me that the subject is battling something within their lives or within themselves.

I’ve lived in 3 different countries for more than 10 years each and I have been left scratching my head yearning to know who people really are. I moved here from Nigeria where people tend to be emotionally uninhibited. Before that, I lived in England where people don’t seem to let out much. My experience in Los Angeles loosely mimics England.

Children are easier to illustrate because there is less life experience being transmitted through their faces,  with adults, this sometimes gets in the way of a smooth experience.

Regardless of what lies beyond the face, I gladly receive the portrait commissions that come my  way and I am grateful that I get to create them at all.


About biolasfaces

All I want to do is capture your likeness in art, from your photo. I've been creating portraits for a long time and I enjoy doing it. Biola holds a Bachelors degree in Fine-Arts and 20 years total experience in professionally creating portraits. Biola knows no bounds!
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