Changing Faces


16" x 22"

“Dayle and baby” 18″ x 24″ Graphite on archival quality paper.

Who would have guessed that technology would advance so much since the turn of the century? I’ve gone from receiving photos for portrait commissions, directly from a client’s hands to receiving them somewhere in cyberspace!” Well, that’s all fine and dandy and I’m grateful for the extra levels of ease with which this can happen, however, I still  need to make a strong connection with my clients and using the internet by itself to achieve this end, just doesn’t cut it.

Emotional connection plays a large role in any relationship talk less of the tie between my clients and I. It’s needed for the successful completion of a portrait. From the time I receive a call from a client to the time I consult with them in their home or office, at my studio, or over the the phone, (preferably not just via text or email) to the time I present them with their masterpiece, (preferably in person) a high level of connection is in play and a successful outcome is heavily dependent upon it. I’m not interested in creating dead emotionless portraits, but lively, life-like, dynamic representations!

Kudos to the Internet, it’s high-level of impersonal technology and the innovation it ushers in, but I need to connect with my clients and their resulting portraits on a more personal level, one in which the Internet simply cannot compete.


About biolasfaces

All I want to do is capture your likeness in art, from your photo. I've been creating portraits for a long time and I enjoy doing it. Biola holds a Bachelors degree in Fine-Arts and 20 years total experience in professionally creating portraits. Biola knows no bounds!
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