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Hear what Biola’s clients have to say:

“Biola is just plain talented. My resemblance to the portrait she did for me is unmistakable. Secondly, there’s an intangible, sensitive quality to her work. I feel as though she understood my expression in the picture and highlighted my emotion through the drawing.” -Hallie Gnatovich, M.A.

 “Biola not only captures the detailed nuances, but also the essence of her subject, which illuminates through the portrait. I was more than pleased with the outcome of her work.” -Terry Woodberry, Actor.


 “Biola creates a presence that you can see coming through. The picture just pops out the person.” -Larry Goldberg,  Allstate insurance.


“I am a business owner so I was looking for a talented artist that could get the attention of the rich and famous through a portrait drawing. During my research, I ran across Biola’s portraits and commissioned her. I Immediately started getting results. Additionally, Biola’s was fast, reliable, and overall, a pleasure to work with.” –David Faught, Real Estate developer